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Frosty Offers is a Digital Direct Response Company. Our focus on applying innovative and best practices in internet sales and marketing help achieve a better return on investment and an efficient working model for digital campaigns. We, as a Campaign Management Company in the Digital Direct Response space, have the knowledge, expertise, and partnerships with various industry experts to reach what it takes to convert a campaign into a successful project.

Frosty Offers is a one-stop solution for direct response advertisers who can count on getting the best service in the industry in terms of accessing the best Network Affiliates, Web design teams who can develop landing pages that have great Sales and Conversions, Data Analysts, Campaign / Project Management teams, Customer Service and Fulfillment Companies which are the key elements of a successful campaign.

Using Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to make informed decisions to adopt success strategies in the ever-evolving internet marketing. Financial Modeling expertise to study revenue and reserves, understand and forecast retention, cash flow, and ROI. All these techniques and continuous gain of expertise are proven strategies of our success. Digital marketing is our passion and we welcome advertisers who are ready to partner with us in building, launching, and managing new brands.

Our Services

Our Core competencies include:

Project Management

Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling the project work to ensure things get done in a digital world. Convert raw digital marketing ideas into an actionable plan and to make sure that the marketing plan is executed according to the plan laid out. Basically managing the campaign end to end.

Web Designing

Develop great looking, fully responsive web pages that work on any devices, with cross-browser compatibility, page performance tuning and speed optimization for faster load times and more conversions.

Offer Design and Creation

You have the perfect product? Well we have the perfect design and converting offer pages. If you have no experience with online sales, you want to know that your product and offer is being designed by those who have done millions in online sales. We truly understand what it takes to create high quality, compliant and converting pages.

Product and Packaging

We have 20 years of experience in online product sales. Everything from picking the right product and designing the perfect packaging for sale. We understand the value of your packaging and product design and how it makes the difference in conversion and presentation online.

Campaign Set Up

Create product Id’s in CRM, Testing and Adding a Layer Of Protection Throughout The Process, Our Staff Will Verify Deposits in Gateways and matching them with the sales in CRM. Adding and controlling various user access levels to CRM, Setting up various price points etc.

Fulfillment Resources

Our experience and relationships mean everything to us. Over the years we have established the very best contacts and contracts with third-party fulfillment centers. We will match you with a center that fits your needs. Our staff will also check the status of orders every day to ensure accurate and on-time fulfillment to the customers. Any shipments that failed to ship in the past 24-48 hours, we check the reasons and either reship through the CRM and/or contact the fulfillment companies to make sure all shipments are shipped out in a timely manner. Inventory management and control to keep the right amount of goods on hand to fulfill customer demand and operate profitably.

Customer Service Management

We understand just how important it really is for campaign success. We help you with the right call center that fits your product and needs. We make sure to do regular checks and run various reports on call qualities, durations, hold times, customer feedback etc to identify any performance deficiencies so that corrective actions can be taken in a timely manner.

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